Marketing With Twitter

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Here's a quick marketing question for you: How often do you tweet? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're missing out on one of the hottest marketing tools on the Internet today - Twitter.

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Introducing 'Marketing with Twitter'

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Marketing With Twitter

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there are currently 6 Million
(yes, you read it right.... 6 MILLION)
registered Twitter users waiting
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From: Marcus & Nigel Ridge
Friday 22:16

Hi Tweeple!

Twitter is sizzling hot these days. It is more than just a fun way to communicate with people all around the world: it is a global phenomenon that is growing every second of every day, with millions of people eagerly awaiting your messages.

As you no doubt have heard, Twitters traffic is growing at an incredible rate. As of April 2009 there are currently 6 Million (yes, you read it right.... 6 MILLION) registered Twitter users, which equates to around 3.8% of people on the Internet.

Twitter is here to stay and...

Right here before you is the opportunity
to claim your piece of the pie

The smart marketers are all jumping on board for their slice of the pie, look for all the big names in any industry and they are all on Twitter.

Look at it this way: Twitter may be fairly new on the scene, but it's here to stay. With big companies like Zappos, JetBlue, Southwest, Comcast, Dell, MSNBC, Dunkin' Donuts, and countless others joining Twitter every day and building their own targeted followers, Twitter's not going anywhere any time soon.

What does that tell you?

It tells you that if all the people who are pulling down huge incomes online are jumping on this trend then you sure as hell had better get on board now while things are still this easy to get traffic and followers!

Forget list building, this is list building on steroids, where people login every day just to see what you are up to and what cool things you are going to introduce them to today.

'Marketing with Twitter'

Here is what you could be learning

just minutes from now....!

Just what is Twiiter and how it can work for you!
How to set up your own traffic driving Twitter account to attract ANY person who comes to see more about you!
How to create your own Twitter Bio...
The drop-dead gorgeous free application that sits on your desktop and filters out the 'tweets' from your friends so you don't miss a thing
How to use Twitter to give you the most accurate and profitable research you've ever had, handed to you on a silver platter with a little napkin to wipe the drool off your face from the prospect of all that extra money...
The single biggest mistake people using Twitter for profits make, and how that will end up costing you money not making it (We've done it too!).
Techniques to build you followers so fast that you could leave Usain Bolt in your wake!.
How to use a range of tools to automate the delivery of your Tweets at set intervals and make using Twitter a piece of cake!
And so much more...!
Marketing With Twitter

Marketing With Twitter

Imagine having at your fingertips access to thousands of people in your chosen niche - without writing one single article!

Marketing With Twitter

Lift the veil of mystery by learning the answers to the 7 most often asked questions about using and marketing with Twitter. Put yourself firmly on the fast track to profiting from the incredible power of Twitter right NOW!.

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Every business needs traffic in order to succed - your business is no different. You need to move with the times and embrace new sources of traffic to stay alive and to compete in business.

The Internet business model is forever evolving, sometimes at a frightening pace. It is not always easy to keep up, that's why you need "Marketing with Twitter".

Whether you are a seasoned online marketer who has so far let Twitter pass you by or a newbie marketer just starting out – if you are new to Twitter then "Marketing with Twitter" is definitely for you!

If all the people who are pulling down huge incomes in their online businesses are jumping on this trend then you sure as hell had better get on board yourself - now! while things are still this easy to get traffic and followers!

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50 Twitter Tips for Power Users

How Use Twitter

As an additional free Bonus we will also include a Free copy of Jayadeep Rath's mini e-Book "50 Twitter Tips for Power Users" to help you to get the most out of your new Twitter experience. Enjoy!

Marketing With Twitter

Right now Twitter is relatively spam-free. People feel "safe" there. They don't have their guard up—yet. You can forget open rates on email messages, in Twitter every message is already 'opened' for your audience to see! How long will that last? That is anybody's guess, but I'll go out on a limb and say it won't last too long.

That means the window of opportunity for you is "NOW!".

It's going to become much harder to achieve these same results very soon. I want you to take advantage of this situation before it's too late, and people tune out anything that even remotely smells like there's marketing involved.

Every second you don't have this information you are missing out as more and more people sign up to Twitter and join your competitors lists - take back control now!

Take a look at what some of the top marketers are saying in the last few weeks as of this writing...

    “I promise you, if you don’t get a Twitter account today and start using it you’re going to KICK YOURSELF in the near future. You just wait and see”. John Reese
    “If you don’t have a Twitter account, you really should get one, because Twitter is honestly the next big thing. Don’t miss out on this while it’s still new.” Brad Callen
    “Why wait another minute to get started using Twitter when you know you could be building your lists, building relationships, selling more products and services and building your credibility faster”. Mike Filsaime

Marketing With Twitter

Don't you owe it to yourself to get started today?


Marcus & Nigel Ridge

P.S. Twitter is NOT a FAD... Twitter has become a REAL Revolution in the way people do business online.... That's why this is too BIG to miss out on...!!!

P.P.S Do nothing today and I bet I know where you will be in six months time - exactly where you are today - OR - Embrace Twitter and let it Turbo Boost the traffic to your Blog or Website... the choice is yours... no contest... just do it...!

Marketing With Twitter

Marketing with Twitter

Marketing With Twitter